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Position Partners News: 18 January 2019

According to Safe Work Australia, the mining industry has seen a 51% increase in the number of serious claims for disease and injury between 2000-01 and 2013-14. Proximity detection and collision awareness systems are the kind of safe guards that mine operators can implement to reduce accidents, keep track of machine movements and mitigate risk across the site.

Position Partners News: 18 January 2019

The construction industry has the lowest productivity and the most amount of rework. So, while the manufacturing, mining and farming industries are all increasing productivity, the construction industry is doing the opposite.

Position Partners News: 18 January 2019

To truly unlock your software and the earning potential of your surveying company, there is five key criteria to consider when you partner with a software company before you even get to the nuts and bolts

Position Partners News: 18 January 2019

Using a machine guidance system, such as Position Partners’ Carlson LandfillGrade, can help landfill site operators increase the efficiency, productivity and safety of their landfill site.

Position Partners News: 18 January 2019

Position Partners has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Blue Electronics for its range of personal proximity and machine proximity detection systems.

Position Partners News: 3 July 2018

Sokkia has introduced the latest addition to its iM line of manual total stations designed to provide powerful performance in an affordable package — the iM-50.

Position Partners News: 14 June 2018

Position Partners has released MAGNET 5, the latest edition to its suite of software solutions. MAGNET 5 is packed with new features and includes upgrades to the MAGNET Field, Office and Enterprise applications designed for advanced performance, third-party integration, and construction planning and oversight capability.

Position Partners News: 1 May 2018

Position Partners is proud to present the MAGNET Conference on the 17th of August 2018 at the Heritage Ballroom, The Westin Hotel, 1 Martin Place, Sydney, Australia.

Position Partners News: 19 April 2018

The Roading Company, specialist roading and civil construction company, was looking for an alternate machine scale for use at its new PowerScreen crushing plant.

Position Partners News: 15 March 2018

TBT EARTHWORKS LTD is a family owned and operated contracting company that had plans to increase the efficiency and productivity on site as they moved into more large scale, fine tolerance work.

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