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Position Partners News: 17 July 2017

In June, Position Partners hosted a local NZIS branch meeting at our new Christchurch office. We also joined the movers and shakers of the geospatial industry at the NZIS Survey conference that was held in Napier this year.

Position Partners News: 2 May 2017

Geospatial solutions provider to support construction, mining and quarrying industries with on-board weighing technology nationwide.

Position Partners News: 20 April 2017

Sokkia introduces the latest addition to its GCX line of GNSS integrated receivers — the GCX3

Position Partners News: 13 March 2017

Christchurch-based survey firm Graham Surveying opts for Sokkia technology largely because it’s backed by support from Position Partners

Position Partners News: 16 December 2016

International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS) announced there will be an extra second added to the end of this year (or the start of 2017 depending on your time zone!)

Position Partners News: 31 August 2016

Now that you’ve made the easy decision to upgrade your old data collector to a modern tablet, what should you look for in a tablet to get the best bang for your buck?

Position Partners News: 30 August 2016

If someone handed you a Nokkia 5110 to run your business you would likely laugh them out of the room…..after playing snake for a few minutes.

Position Partners News: 30 August 2016

There has been a big trend in the global software industry away from buying and ‘owning’ a software licence in favour of taking out a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription.

Position Partners News: 30 August 2016

I can go on and on about Moore’s law but we see it in action every day. This year’s TV is bigger but thinner and has a higher resolution than the one you bought last year.

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